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Advantages of PICW Crate Washers

The PICW crate washers are fully automated machines that can wash up to two-by-four crates per hour. They feature stainless steel construction and are designed for ease of use and reduced maintenance. These machines are equipped with automatic water filling and working temperature and speed control and IP55 protection. They can be customized to suit specific requirements. Here are some advantages of these products. They are ideal for washing products that come in crates.

PICW crate washers offer several advantages

Top-loading PICW crate washers feature a motorized pump to drain the machine. PICW crate washers are the simplest type of top-loading washers and can handle large loads. Some front-loading models have agitators that spin sideways.

These crate washers are highly efficient and have an agitator that moves water. PICW crate washers also have a large rotating screw that supplements the agitator’s water-pumping action. The agitator’s role is to mix and stir the water. However, some front-loaders can experience problems with their drum sideways. Because of this, the PICW crate washers are recommended for use in confined areas.

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