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Multifunctional Washer – MPW

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The HiTec MPW multifunctional product washer is designed to wash dirt and adhering parts from the surface of the raw products. The washer can be used for various kinds of fruits and vegetables. By hand or by conveyer the product has to be discharged in a constant motion into the washing tank, where it gets submerged and washed properly. The conveyers will transport the product gently through the washing process. Air bubbles from the bottom supports the removal of dirt and spins the product while from the top water sprays. Perforations in the under belt ensures sand and other dirt to wash and fall off. At the outfeed section the product gets dewatered by an adjustable curtain of air. The hood has easy access doors, and can be li fted on one side for easy cleaning. Construction The machine is made of Stainless steel(304) and food grade polymers. Round materials are used whenever possible to ensure proper hygiene.

Technical specification: Voltage : 230/400V, 50Hz Power : 15,37 kW Capacity : Based on raw material ᴓ200 mm of aprox. 1,25 kg: Washing 2 min à 2850 kg/hr Washing 1,5 min à 3800 kg/hr Washing 1 min à 5700 kg/hr Measures machine : 6800 mm x 2275 mm x 2500 mm (LxWxH)

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