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The well designed GEWA-1500 is perfect for small capacities. Use this as a batch or as an in-line washing machine.

Helical Washer – GEWA Series

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The  helical  washing system permits the product to pass through the washing tank along an adjustable water spiral, which means a distance of approximately ten times the length of the wash tank itself.

“Expertise and convincing technology resulting in optimized washing” applies perfectly to the GEWA PLUS washing machines series. Vegetables, salads, herbs and fruits can be effectively and carefully washed thanks to our rotary helical washing system. The helical water flow can be fine tuned through the adjustment of separate sets of water nozzles. The water flow intensity can be regulated.

All pipes, pump cases, wash and pump tanks as well as covers and control panels are manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel. Furthermore, The machine is designed according to the latest European safety & hygiene standards.

Benefits of the out-feed belt
• Extremely delicate products or big leaves will be neatly discharged from the
washing machines through a hygienically conceived mesh belt conveyor.
• Air knives are strategically placed on top and below the discharge area of
the conveyor belt to separate the product completely from the belt.
• The belt can be released by simply lifting up the drum motor. This opens the
structure of the conveyor frame and makes cleaning quick and easy.
Product circulates through the entire water volume of the washing tank thanks to a
rotating helical water flow system. This ensures a well-balanced product
distribution in the wash tank.

This feature has decisive advantages:
• The compact models with a small footprint allow a reduction of
water consumption.
• Movement and distribution separates the product perfectly which allows
better water contact during the washing. This leads to a gentle and effective
cleaning process.
• The helical water flow system takes most products quickly and gently under
water. It is not necessary to use mechanical devices to allow product immersion.
The water flow conveys washed product to the product discharge section.

Example video of GEWA1500

The HiTec well designed GEWA-1500 is perfect for small capacities. Use this as a batch or as an in-line washing machine. Put together with a spinner it makes a winning team! Gentle washing of the product is ensured by the rotary washing system. Suited for products such as vegetables, salads, herbs and fruits. The separate sets of nozzles can be fine tuned for a optimal flow.

*Example of SDS with kronen gewa wash line

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