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High Flow Dewatering System – HFDS System

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The HiTec High Flow Dewatering System (before known as FlowDry) is system can be used for de-watering & drying  of fruits and hard vegetables, salad and baby leaf. While keeping the product in optimal condition.The purpose of the HiTEc Flow Dewatering  system is to remove excessive free moisture from the products.The product is transported over a wire mesh belt. Depending on the product 1000, 2000, or 3000mu.

Knocking section
The product drops on the infeed and moves to the knocking section for the purpose of dividing and dewatering. The belt is knocked with a knocking bar removing a large amount of moisture before entering the flowdry section.

FDS (FlowDry) section
An air knife is placed above the suction section to provide the product with an extra air flow pointed to the mesh belt. The air knife can be tilted slightly for adjusting the blow direction. The suction plate prevents the product from blowing away and causes air to flow past the sides of the air baffle. This airflow moves over the product and removes any free moisture whereby the remaining water is transported out by the suction module.

Round materials are used where possible in the HiTec  FDS (Flowdry) system. The system can be characterized as a hygienic and “easy to clean”

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