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About HiTec Foodsystems

HiTec is based in Zwolle  the Netherlands and is active worldwide,  with over 35 years of experience in food processing technology we at HiTec Food Systems advise, develop and produce customized stainless steel solutions. We combine specific expertise and skills and focus on high quality, service, hygiene and safety in our work.

Quality and reliability are part of our DNA we supply machines that have been developed to perfection and add value to the products of our customers. Operational reliability and a long service life are also important distinctive values.

HiTec strives for a constructive cooperation with its customers and partners for the development and realization of projects for the food industry. Long-term partnerships are central.

HiTec wants to be and remain a leading player in the markets in which it operates. Hygienic thinking, reliability, safety and continuity are the pillars on which the organization runs.


In the markets in which we are active, HiTec has over 35 years of experience, which means that you have the right knowledge and technology to meet your customers’ needs in innovative customized solutions that fit your organization.

Core Business in processing machinery

Our core business is the process machines for meal components, mixing, forming, transport, coating, roasting, cooking, cooling, and freezing. We provide our customers with integrated, tailor-made solutions with a focus on product cost efficiency, innovation and hygienic design. At HiTec you can count on excellent service and support. .

Beyond Standards

Specialists from HiTec have the ability to look beyond the boundaries of the field. An additional advantage for you as a customer is that you are offered solutions that go beyond the usual standards. It is precisely this approach that Hitec has proven to be successful. We tackle projects from A to Z.

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