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The Contact Cooker and Related Foodsystems

The Contact cooker is an appliance used for searing and browning foods. The heat transferred between the food and heating elements is transferred directly. This type of cookware is perfect for meat, minced meat, and fish products. The cooking process is completely oil-free, leaving the product with a natural, delicious taste and appearance. The non-stick belt also makes it easy to remove the fat and grease without affecting the finished product.

The HiTec Belt Grill contact cooker is a new cooking technology

The HiTec Belt Grill contact cooker is a new cooking technology that provides double-sided contact cooking. The food is conveyed through the machine using a PTFE-coated upper and lower belt. Plates are heated thermally or electrically. There are several patterns available to cook different products at different temperatures. Another advantage is that the Contact Cooker uses the products’ own fat to cook foods. This process produces the best results because the products retain a natural flavor, a natural appearance, and minimal weight loss. The benefits of this cooking method are reflected in the fact that it aligns with the trend of a healthier diet.

The HiTec Belt Grill contact cooker is a versatile cooking appliance that uses double-sided contact cooking to produce a healthier product. The conveyor belts are equipped with stainless steel or PTFE-coated steel plates to achieve uniform cooking. The plates can be patterned and electrically heated to suit various products. This cooking method conserves the product’s own fat and allows it to cook with a natural, delicious taste. The HiTec Belt Grill is an excellent choice for the health-conscious market.

The Double-Sided Cooker gets the product on both sides. This means it will cook faster than other methods. The double-sided cooking system is easy to clean. The stainless steel machine is almost entirely sanitized. It is also durable. The high temperature and high-quality stainless steel construction allow for a lifetime of use. This cookware is ideal for any kitchen. Its dual surfaces are convenient and provide excellent cooking. Modern industrial food production requires a high-quality product. The Contact cooker is an excellent choice for this. This appliance is ideal for preparing food for retail sale and for home consumption. It can preserve the natural flavor of the product and prevent contamination of the product during storage. This type of cookware is used for preparing frozen or uncooked foods. You can choose the model that suits your kitchen. Its automatic control panel will help you cook your food faster and more efficiently.

The Double-Sided Cooker gets the product right surface on both sides, reducing cooking time. It is made of stainless steel, which allows for a long-term use. In addition, it can be cleaned several times. Unlike other types of cookers, the Double-Sided cooker is virtually maintenance-free. A few simple steps will save you a lot of time. It is also easier to clean compared to other conventional cookers.

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