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Belt Grill – BG/AGT Eco-series (Contact Cook)

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The HiTec BG Belt Grill -ECO series is particularly suitable for smaller companies with products that are a maximum of 50mm height.

  • Identical functionality
  • space-saving, compact design
  • Available in four sizes as standard
  • with electrical heating elements, maximum six heating plates
  • cost-saving variant

(contact cooker) is designed for the even, double-sided contact cooking of products without adding additional fat. The products are conveyed through the machine between an upper and a lower PTFE coated belt and cooked by plates heated electrically. The plates can be equipped with patterns such as grill marks depending on the desired appearance of the products. Since the products cook in their own fat, the result of this process is a product that looks appetising and has a natural taste of its own, without any addition of fat and with a slight loss of weight. These aspects correspond with the present trend towards healthier and lighter cuisine.

Standard machines:

  • 400/900 ECO Electric
  • 400/1350 ECO Electric
  • 600/1200 ECO Electric
  • 600/1800 ECO Electric
  • ECO 1200/600 Single Electric

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