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Vacuüm Cookers/Paddle Mixers / Angle Mincers – Series ML(V)

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Paddle Mixers:

dedicated for medium and big size industry, ideally suited for mixing commonly produced stuffing, especially meat from the following range: pet food, sausage, ham sausage, fine and coarsely shredded. Universal design and a large range of parameters make the machine ideal for the production of high-yield and traditional products, lowhydrated, as well as for standardization, averaging, pickling meats during the production of cured meats, delicatessen, canned food, pates, ready meals, salads, groats and frozen food. Smooth mixing speed adjustment and vacuum also enable tumbling of small meat pieces.

Vacuum improves and accelerates the mixing process, increasing the technological scope of production. It is possible to obtain a better effect of standardization, structure, appearance, coloring and effi ciency in the
production of various stuffi ng, especially in the fi eld of meat processing. The system of smooth adjustment of the speed of the paddles of appropriate design also accelerates tumbling, thus enabling the production
of coarsely ground meat stuffi ng during production of sausages, delicatessen, ham and coarsely fragmented sausages with maintaining the appropriate muscle structure

Paddle and spiral mixers series ML-2, are designed for mixing and standardization of the food
products, stuffi ng in small, middle and large meat processing plants, supermarkets, convenience and
baby food plants, fi sh plants, vegetable and fruit plants, confectioneries. Particularly well-proven in the
production of sausage, ham, canning stuffi ng, sausage products, both high-performance and traditional.
High versatility is provided by a properly designed construction of paddles.

Mixers are characterized by:
high durability and efficiency without excessive service and maintenance costs. All sizes of mixers are
designed with assumptions for high-tech industrial equipment.

Angle Mincers/Singriset System:

Application: Universal machines for cutting, grinding and meat separation, dedicated to medium and large food industry, especially meat industry in the production of meat products (light and coarse grinded sausage, ham sausages), fat, skins, ready-cooked stuffi ng, pet food, ready meals, minced meat, culinary, hamburgers. Angled mincers are also ideal for grinding cheese, vegetables, fruit and other food products. Smooth adjustment of the speed of the feeding screw with automatic adjustment of turns, pre-breaking shaft in the hopper, fl exibility in the selection and installation of tools and special design of chambers and screws, enable even feeding and good grinding of both fresh and frozen raw product.

For grinding, mincing and cutting fresh and frozen raw materials for particular structure. Designed especially for grinding fresh and frozen meat in meat processing plants. It is also effective in case of other food
products in medium, large and industrial poultry, fi sh, cheese, vegetable and fruit processing plants as
well as factories manufacturing petfood and convenience food. High-tech industrial machines that characterize strength, effi ciency and versatility.


With over 35 years of experience in the Food Industry, we advise, develop and produce high-quality tailor-made stainless steel solutions. We combine specific expertise and skills and focus on high quality, service, hygiene and safety in our work.

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