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Combi Cooker – CCS / Dual-Cooker series

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The HiTec Combi cooker is our innovative dual cooker combines roasting with intensive contact heat with cooking with hot convection air and / or steam in just one industrial system. Even sensitive foods are cooked perfectly and get an inimitable taste and a traditional look with our unique processing method.

The dual cooker combines two techniques into one. For the first time, the roasting process using intensive contact heat is combined with the cooking technology using hot convection air and / or steam. Sensitive foods such as vegetable patties, pancakes or poultry schnitzel can be cooked in this way without losing their natural character in taste and appearance. The contact roast gives the products an appetizing appearance and, if desired, grill marks.

Technical Features:

  • Infinitely adjustable production speed
  • Combination of two processing processes in one machine
  • combines contact roasting with a Teflon beltTM and cooking with hot air
  • avoids belt marks on the product or product buildup on the belt
  • optimal belt tension and tracking true thanks to the automatic control
  • hygienic design with automatic belt washing system
  • Heating by electrical or thermal oil heated modules
  • Intuitive operability via a touch panel with recipe management
  • Made entirely of stainless steel and food-approved plastics
  • high operational reliability

With over 35 years of experience in the Food Industry, we advise, develop and produce high-quality tailor-made stainless steel solutions. We combine specific expertise and skills and focus on high quality, service, hygiene and safety in our work.

— Hitec BV