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Major Processor Opts for HiTec

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Major Canadian processor opts for new 6th generation HiTEc DCM

Sixth generation machine
The DCM decoring and floretting machine that is now with the Canadian producer is the sixth, and thus the latest, generation. “Coring & florets is a process that we have mastered quite well at HiTec. The machine has been fully developed via Proven Technology. This means that the machine is improved based on the feedback and wishes of our customers and you continue to perfect it. The big difference with the previous generation is productivity. This has been increased from 90 heads per minute to 120. Maintenance and service have been improved, as has the user-friendliness of the control panel. Although the customer in Canada only uses this machine for cauliflower and broccoli, the cutting heads can easily be replaced within a minute by another model that, for example, can also corrode and quarter / quarter iceberg lettuce. The settings are easy to adjust on the touchscreen. You indicate the product to be processed, press start, and the machine does the rest. Although we are a small company, we have a relatively large engineer department. This means that we can not only perfect the machines and adapt them to the wishes of the customer, but we are specialists in the design of custom-made machines and the foil machines. We also stand for products such as bell peppers. ”

Hygiene and user-friendliness are two spearheads for HiTec when it comes to machine design. “Many machines are custom made by us and are therefore all unique, but in terms of hygiene they are uniform in accordance with the latest applicable guidelines (EHEDG). With the use of round tubes in the frame, sloping corners and the omission of hidden points, the machine is also easy to clean and keep. Hygiene is very important to our customers because a number of important customers, especially in the fast food chain, place high demands on hygiene and a clean factory. ”