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Now is the time to invest in Clearoil!

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Now is the time to invest in clearoil

In four to six weeks, the stocks of sunflower oil in the Netherlands will be exhausted, says the Federation of the Dutch Food Industry (FNLI). “This is a big problem for a lot of companies.”

 Dutch food companies are diligently looking for alternatives to sunflower oil. The shortages are caused by the war in Ukraine. That country is a major producer of vegetable oil.

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 Users of the HiTec ClearOil filter system call it the ultimate gold strike. The innovative filter system quickly and efficiently removes all contaminants from your frying oil, such as breadcrumbs, flour, sugars and allergens. Using this ingenious filter system, your industrial fryer can now produce day after day without you having to change the oil. This also guarantees the final quality of your fried products. It is efficient and effective for you and the environment.

Why ClearOil?
·Higher quality of your endproduct, Extended oil lifetime.
·Quick return on investment!.
·Less down time to due to oil replacement.
·Reduced cost due to longer lifetime of frying oil.
·Easy maintainable system.

With over 35 years of experience in the Food Industry,  HiTec Food Systems advise, develops and produce high-quality tailor-made stainless steel solutions. We combine specific expertise and skills and focus on high quality, service, hygiene and safety in our work.