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Great ROI with the Clearoil System

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great roi with the hitec clearoil system

With over 35 years of experience in the Food Industry, we advise, develop and produce high-quality tailor-made stainless steel solutions. We combine specific expertise and skills and focus on high quality, service, hygiene and safety in our work.


The ClearOil filter Clears the oil from pollution such as Flavours, Spices and Sugersetc and is designed for industrial fryers worldwide. The system can be connected with each brand of fryer such as HiTec, GEA, Alco, Stork, Marel, CFS, Koppens and yours.

ClearOil works by pressing polluted oil through a sheet of filter material. When the pollution builds up, the pressure in the chamber rises.
Once it reaches the maximum pressure the flow of oil stops and compressed air pushes the last drops of oil through the filter cake.
After the filter cake is dry, it will be discharged into a bin and new filter material will be transported into the filter at the same time. The filter cycle will restart automatically.

Return on investment (ROI) < 2 year

A quick calculation of your savings:

  • Crumbs/solids normaly contain 35% – 50% oil
  • ClearOil filtrated contains less than 5% oil !
  • Your savings 30% – 45% oil
  • If you dump an average of 100 kg solids per hour, you dump at average 40ltr. of oil.
  • At Euro 1,20 per ltr, this means Euro 50,- per hour, Euro 400,- per day
  • You save Euro 104.000,- per year!